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Презентация, доклад по английскому языку на тему Мир воды

Презентация на тему Презентация по английскому языку на тему Мир воды, из раздела: Английский язык. Эта презентация содержит 4 слайда(ов). Информативные слайды и изображения помогут Вам заинтересовать аудиторию. Скачать презентацию на данную тему можно внизу страницы, поделившись ссылкой с помощью социальных кнопок. Также можно добавить наш сайт презентаций в закладки! Презентации взяты из открытого доступа или загружены их авторами, администрация сайта не отвечает за достоверность информации в них. Все права принадлежат авторам презентаций.

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Слайд 1
Project “The world of water”.
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Project “The world of water”.

Слайд 2
Pure Water in Baikal.  Everybody visiting Lake Baikal for the first time is
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Pure Water in Baikal.

Everybody visiting Lake Baikal for the first time is offered a glass of water straight from the lake. At the Baikal restaurant, lake water is served as a local speciality.
Visitors can look down through water 70 feet deep and count the stones on the bottom. The water’s mineral content is very low. In this crystal-clear water some 150 types of plants and fish live – many of them found nowhere else in the world.
There have been many discussions on lake Baikal in the USSR. Some scientists have demanded that Baikal – 6,360 feet deep – should be preserved completely as it is as a wonder of nature.
Others wanted to use this giant reservoir – it contains one fifth of the world’s resources of fresh water – for economic purposes. The arguments still go on, and there are many points of detail still in dispute. But the Baikal timber processing plant has proved that a factory can return its “waste” water to the lake quite pure, if it uses modern filtering techniques.
The Academy of Sciences and the State Planning Committee have prepared a plan to make the southern shore of Baikal into a natural park, with camps and tourist centers for 25,000 guests within the next few years.

Слайд 3
The oceans.The area of the Earth’s surface amounts approximately to 509 million km2 .
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The oceans.

The area of the Earth’s surface amounts approximately to 509 million km2 . Of this some 361 million km2 comprise water, about 25 million km2 forming the seas and the remaining 335 million km2 the oceans. The letter are four in number – the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian and the Arctic – or five if the Southern Ocean is recognised as a separate ocean. But the Southern Ocean really consists of the southernmost parts of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.

the Arctic

The Atlantic

The Indian

The Pacific

Слайд 4
The End!!!
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The End!!!